The Poverty Roundtable HPE acknowledges the exciting work that is happening at the Vital Signs ‘Getting Around’ working group in Prince Edward County.  This group is mobilizing around transportation in PEC, identifying barriers and potential solutions.  The group is currently working toward a coordinated transportation system with current providers of transportation, as well as identifying gaps and creatively addressing those gaps as resources permit.  The group is actively working toward the development of GIS maps to demonstrate current available transportation options across Hastings and Prince Edward counties, linkages between those transportation options, and a promotion campaign with 211 as the first point of contact for transportation needs in PEC.

The Poverty Roundtable HPE has members who participate on the Vital Signs Getting Around working group, and receive updates regularly.  The Poverty Roundtable HPE looks forward to supporting the work of the Vital Signs group, and mobilizing our membership to support a common, consistent approach to accessing transportation in Hastings County.

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