Tools and Workshops

Tools and Workshops

Workshops on Engagement

The Poverty Roundtable HPE is inviting organizations, decision makers, and boards to come together to work with an engagement tool.

People who know poverty best – from experience, need to be involved and included in the decision-making processes that impact their lives and their communities.

Workshops are for organizations to evaluate their potential to implement changes and create opportunities for engagement that goes beyond the traditional sharing of information and uses lived experience to guide and shape programs and services.

For more information or to book a workshop contact Tanya Dutton here or call 613-779-7477. 

The engagement workshops are intended for board members, directors, and program directors.

Creating Community – A Tool for Engagement

This tool was developed through work done at the Poverty Roundtable HPE’s November 2016 Education Forum – SHIFT. The forum focused on shifting perspectives to learn from those who have been in poverty and who are at the frontlines in anti-poverty work in Ontario and in their communities. The tool is intended to offer a practical approach for engaging people with experience of poverty in poverty reduction work and within organizational structures to influence programs and changes that impact them.

Municipal Actions to Reduce Poverty in Hastings & Prince Edward

The Poverty Roundtable HPE has joined the Cities Reducing Poverty nation-wide network. Participating communities across Canada are actively reducing poverty in their communities through municipal action and involvement.  What can our municipal governments do in Hastings & Prince Edward counties? This call to action for municipalities provides a number of opportunities to increase prosperity for all.

Ending Stigma: A Rights Based Approach to Ending Poverty

Without addressing systems and processes that put people in poverty we fail our neighbours and our communities. A rights based approach means that every person must be able to access their social, their economic, their cultural and their political rights. We all have a part to play in this.

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