Hastings County 2018 Enumeration Preliminary Results
Preliminary results from the Hastings County 2018 Homelessness Enumeration. Enumeration was conducted from April 17-23 2018. The preliminary results were presented at the June 13th Poverty Roundtable HPE meeting. The presentation from the meeting can be accessed here.

Hastings Prince Edward Public Health 2017 Population Health Assessment
This assessment report presents key demographic and health information of Hastings and Prince Edward counties, including local statistics and figures on a variety of public health topics. Where possible, comparisons are made between sexes, ages, income levels, and urban and rural regions for an up-to-date and thorough look at the state of population health in Hastings and Prince Edward counties.

Campaign 2000  works to increase public awareness of the levels and consequences of child/family poverty by publishing research on the indicators of child poverty and developing public education resources. Originally a cross-Canada public education movement to build Canadian awareness and support for the 1989 all-party House of Commons resolution to end child poverty in Canada by the year 2000, it has grown to include over 120 national, community and provincial partners actively involved. Campaign 2000 is non-partisan in urging all Canadian elected officials to keep their promise to Canada’s children.

Poverty Free Ontario
An Ontario free of poverty will be reflected in healthy, inclusive communities with a place of dignity for everyone and the essential conditions of well-being for all. The mission of Poverty Free Ontario is to eliminate divided communities in which large numbers of adults and children live in chronic states of material hardship, poor health and social exclusion. Poverty Free Ontario is an initiative of the Social Planning Network of Ontario.

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