What is the Poverty Roundtable HPE?

The Poverty Roundtable HPE was formed in 2013 to look at whether there are things we could do, or do differently, to address the causes of poverty and to broaden our capacity to do so by working together. Individuals, organizations and businesses who agree with the mission and vision of the Roundtable are welcome to join and contribute. Members include representation from social services, business, government, health, mental health, education, justice, housing, labour, faith, food security, and community members/volunteers.

Our vision is: a community where everyone experiences a standard of living which is sufficient for their physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being without compromise of dignity and self-respect.

Our mission is: to eliminate the causes of poverty in Hastings and Prince Edward counties by building the capacity of our community to work together to plan for and implement strategic, long term solutions that result in fair and equitable opportunities for all.

Definition of poverty:

People live in poverty when denied the income and resources that support individual choices regarding physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs and when these circumstances exclude them from fully participating in their communities.

How we work:

The Poverty Roundtable HPE is focused on community education, community empowerment, information exchange and creating partnerships, and policy advocacy. Working groups are composed of individuals who come together to tackle a specific issue. While there are many areas that need attention, current Working Groups focus on priority areas, including affordable housing, food security, and employment and income security. A Steering Committee supports the Roundtable by providing leadership for the planning and implementation of a framework to build capacity in our community and break down the barriers created by poverty. The Steering Committee coordinates the efforts of the Roundtable, plans for meetings, and provides any formal communication on behalf of the Poverty Roundtable HPE.

The Poverty Roundtable HPE is committed to working in collaboration with all community members, agencies, government and business partners, and to bring together diverse views and perspectives to work toward reducing poverty in Hastings and Prince Edward counties.

65 Station St.
Belleville, ON K8N 2S6