Creating a Tool For Change

People who know poverty because of their personal experience with it have knowledge and experiences that are essential to identifying and understanding the systemic causes of poverty.

Creating the condition within organizations, structures, movements that support the active and meaningful engagement of all community members is vital to poverty reduction, to inclusion and to equity. It is important that those who are impacted by decisions and programs that affect their lives are involved in shaping them. With all of this in mind a new community tool has been created to support organizations and groups working on poverty reduction.

Creating a Tool for change

In November the Poverty Roundtable Hastings Prince Edward hosted an education forum to shift perspectives in our collective work to end poverty. The event brought together community members, people who are have or are experiencing poverty, health and social service workers, faith communities, food security groups, mental health workers to learn from each other.

No decision made about me without me as a principle guided discussions and learnings. Discussions and learnings have been turned into a community tool, Creating Community: A Tool for Engagement.

The tool is intended for groups to use to evaluate their organizations potential to implement changes and create opportunities for full engagement; engagement that goes beyond the traditional sharing of information to informing and creating change, contributing to decisions and policy and using lived experience to guide and shape programs and services.

Access the Community Tool for Engagement here:


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