The Food Security Working Group of the Poverty Roundtable was established in the fall of 2016. For several years previously, the Food Security Network of Hastings & Prince Edward Counties (FSN) acted as a forum for information sharing and collaboration on actions to develop and promote food security and an environmentally sustainable, local and just food system. The new PRT Food Security Working Group includes some members from the former FSN, and new members are always welcome – please let us know if you would like more information or to get involved.

Food Security Working Group Terms of Reference – June 2017

We are fortunate in H and PE counties to have a number of agencies taking action to address the issue of food security. There are a number of approaches and strategies that help to address the problem. And there is still much to be done!

Community Consultations on Ontario’s Provincial Food Strategy

On May 17th, 2017, 17 community members came together at the Poverty Roundtable of Hastings Prince Edward office in Belleville to discuss the Ontario Food Security Strategy concepts and give input into the provincial consultation. Additionally, consultations were held by Food Security Working Group members in North Hastings. Collectively participants in the consultation were made up of people who have and are experiencing food insecurity, urban agriculture experts, health workers, food program providers and volunteers, as well as members of our social services committee and members of municipal councils. Click here to read the response that was submitted.


Real Cost of Eating Well in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties 2017

Each May dietitians from Hastings Prince Edward Public Health complete Nutritious Food Basket (NFB) costing by surveying the price of 67 standardized food items from eight grocery stores throughout Hastings and Prince Edward counties. The results of this survey are used to calculate the cost of one week’s worth of basic healthy groceries for 22 different age and gender groups, and a standard family of four.

The results of the 2017 NFB food costing activity are presented in the report “The Real Cost of Eating Well in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties 2017.”

The NFB is not a budgeting tool or resource for people struggling to afford food. The results and accompanying report can be used to increase awareness that poverty, not the cost of food, is the root cause of food insecurity, and that families and individuals living on low income jobs or social assistance cannot afford a basic nutritious diet after paying for very basic living expenses.
To access past reports on the NFB results, please contact Hastings Prince Edward Public Health.


Food Access Guide for Hastings & Prince Edward Counties 

This online guide was developed by the Food Security Network of Hastings & Prince Edward Counties. Service providers as well as the public can use the guide to access information about emergency food services, meal programs, collective kitchens & cooking classes, food box programs, community gardens & local food initiatives, grocery delivery & transportation services, and student nutrition programs.

The guide has been divided into six geographic areas to make it easier for people to find programs and services specific to where they live.  These geographic areas include Belleville, Central Hastings, North Hastings, Prince Edward County, Quinte West, and South East Hastings.